If you are passionate about your life and job, Evyap is the right choice for you!

Our future colleagues to join our family should have characteristics such as being open to change, consumer focused, dynamic, future oriented, having potential to improve himself/herself and his/her job, result oriented and adopting our corporate values.

For ensuring a flawless recruiting process of our candidates to join our family, we apply scientific tools. We have certain standards for the processes of selecting, applying and evaluating such tools as well.

For example, we record all applications which we have received in the Evyap Human Resources CV database in strict confidentiality and maintain for a period of 6 months.


The process begins with publishing an announcement of the vacant job description in related career websites. Further, you have access to all of our announcements in our website’s “Join Our Family” tab.


Upon evaluation among the incoming applications, a shortlist is made and the candidates enlisted are invited for a detailed competency based interview. We apply a general aptitude and English tests as well as a personality inventory to candidates who have been deemed positive upon the interviews. The most appropriate candidate for the vacant position will be subject to the reference check and proposal process whereas other candidates which cannot continue the process will be notified by e-mail.


We make an employment offer to the candidate or candidates who have been evaluated as positive upon all processes. Upon placing the right candidate to the right place we apply an orientation program to the new members of our family which includes our head office, Tuzla plant and field visits.


The adaptation of our new team members to their colleagues and our corporate culture is highly significant to Evyap. In this scope, the Human Resources Business Partner welcomes our colleagues in their first day at work and notifies them on the organizational structure.

We assign a Buddy to our new employees in order to accelerate the adaptation and follow up his/her needs. During this period, the Buddy provides the necessary support to the new employee for adapting to the Evyap culture and work flow and organizes the entire process by the introductions and meetings with managers, team mates and colleagues in other units.

The Buddy also takes part in the field activity named SOHO – “Sahada Ol Haberdar Ol” (which is the abbreviation for the Turkish phrase “Be In The Field-Be Aware”) organized so that the new employee can get acquainted with our plants and the field.



The world changes fast day by day. Consumers’ needs and expectations move to an unimaginable point. And our consumers expect inspirations and ideas from us to differentiate from competition with unique products and models.

We have provided new tricks to old dogs; we organize the project called SOHO (Be In the Filed-Be Aware) a few times a year. We all go to every corner of Turkey and revive. During this organization we do not pay visits with Regional Director but with Merchandisers, Supervisors and Customer Managers.

After our visits we, as the SOHO Travelers, come together and plan meetings where we discuss our observations, ideas and thoughts. We realize such meetings with various studies by participation of instructors.

We all embrace the SOHO travels and their outputs. We see that being close to the field and the consumer and listening to the field’s problems/satisfactions is significant at many levels and roles. Therefore, we involve our Executive Board to these visits. We believe that our Executive Board’s observations of the field and spending time with key accounts will present a positive dynamism and perspective.